As you'll see from the bios below, each member of our team has an established track record. As a group, they have generated billions in revenue from products and services at a global scale and with some of the most celebrated brands in business. 

Lloyd Trammell, Co-Founder & Inventor

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Lloyd is an internationally acclaimed sound designer, engineer, and product manager. He has developed audio products that generated billions for the likes of Roland, Peavey, Korg, Yamaha, Kawai. He was named by Electronic Musician magazine as one of world’s top 3 sound designers and has worked for Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Chick Corea, Whitney Houston, and Prince. His work led to the first surround-sound technology. Through the MIDI Assn., he helped establish universally used music-tech standards.  A named patent holder, he led development of a distributed digital audio system used in Sydney Opera House, U.S. Congress, International Olympic stadiums, and elsewhere.  He's won dozens of awards from the likes of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), and the Annual Creativity in Electronics, Musikmesse international trade fair.  His work on the Korg Wavestation synthesizer created never-before-heard sounds that are still used in music and movies to this day.

Dayne Sieling, CEO and Seed Investor


Dayne is a serial entrepreneur. He founded several successful international companies, including his still operating TOL, Inc., a consumer marketing company that grew into multi-million-dollar enterprise. He introduced to the U.S. consumer market the first hands-free mobile phone device for cars and was also the first to launch into distribution the U.S. market’s first wireless Bluetooth speaker system. He has spent decades doing business in Europe and especially Asia, having made dozens of trips to China where he also has an extensive network of contacts. Respected as a business and church leader, he is among the rarest of CEOs: As one of three Bambu seed investors he has his own skin in the game.

John Gould, Co-Inventor

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Like Trammell, Gould also became known as one the world’s foremost sound designers and engineers. He worked for leading country-western, pop, rock, and rap recording artists. He programmed synthesizers for such well-known musical instrument manufacturers as Korg, Akai, Ensoniq, and Casio. During the mid-1980s, with Trammell, he became a pioneer in music industry's move into digital technology. He and Lloyd, both Texans, have been sidekicks for more than three decades.

Larry Schwartz, Senior VP, Business Development

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Schwartz has a background in operations, sales, and strategy for Fortune 500 companies, including Walt Disney, General Electric, and Bloomberg. He founded a digital content agency that delivered targeted video across 3G, IPTV, wireless, broadband, TV and DVD platforms. As VP, Strategy and Development, he co-founded an AOL Ventures Company where he structured worldwide licensing and distribution agreements in mobile, IPTV and broadband.

Patrick Houston, Senior VP, Strategy Development

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Patrick spent three decades as a correspondent, bureau chief, editor and executive at BusinessWeek, CNET, and Yahoo. At Bambu, he’s applying the very same talents and experiences that made him a prize-winning media producer and executive — clear and critical thinking, long, varied experiences analyzing technologies and their markets, recognizing market trends and dynamics early, and articulating them succinctly. Long an “intrapreneur” who has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for the past 25 years, he made the switch to entrepreneurial ventures eight years ago. Bambu is the third team on which he’s served as an early, key member.