The Problem: Increased Costs, Decreased Margins, Commoditization

Until now, "better" audio meant producing it at a penalty. For device makers, "better" audio has meant more expensive components — microphones, speakers, processors, even batteries.And it's only getting worse. Consumers continually expect more for less. Competing products from every corner of the globe assert unrelenting price pressure as they figure out how to do it cheaper.

It's Now Possible to Reduce Costs, Increase Margins — and Deliver Better Quality

AWSM maintains audio quality at the same time it enables compression formats to make audio files and streams even smaller.  

Example: For a top music producer we processed a CD-quality 33 MB, 44.1 WAV file through AWSM, then ran it through a standard HE-AAC encoder. The result: The file sounded just like original — or so the producer said. Yet it weighed in at a file size of 756kb — 98% smaller than the original yet with no loss of fidelity.

These efficiencies provides several advantages. 

  • FOR STREAMING SERVICES AND CONTENT PROVIDERS, AWSM lowers the per file bandwidth and storage costs for music, live streams, movies, games, and so-called Over-The-Top (OTT) applications. Depending on streaming resolution, AWSM can reduce bandwidth costs for a video stream anywhere from 7% to 92%.
  • FOR DEVICE MANUFACTURERS, AWSM delivers more sound — as it was intended to be heard. More perceptible sound means a user can hear more at less volume. Less volume means that speakers and processors have to do less work. When they do less work, they don't consume as much processing and battery power. AWSM enables manufacturers to use less expensive speakers, microphones, and amplifies. 

Because it enables you to create smaller files (while it preserves or restores fidelity) AWSM can save audio-only streaming services -- music, podcasts, talk -- as much as 92% of their bandwidth costs. 

By allowing you to shrink the audio portion of a video stream, you can still save as much as 45% of bandwidth costs -- with NO loss in fidelity.

But AWSM also allows you to make more money

AWSM is a differentiator. It allows you to offer one more thing to separate your product or service from another.

It can help you attract new customers.  It can help you keep existing users, reducing that dreaded metric called "churn."  It can help you accommodate more customers with the same capacity.

And, yes, while it saves money, it can help you make more money, too. How? It opens the door to higher priced features and premiums. 


AWSM has been engineered to work with any standard, device, or operating system.



AWSM can be configured to provide "your sound" to your specifications, whether you are a content creator or distributor, a device manufacturer, or applications provider.



AWSM doesn't treat a soundwave as a single block. Instead, it processes the componenets of soundwaves individually -- in real time.

It's Clear

Device manufacturers and streaming companies can no longer afford to NOT have AWSM.


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